Tommy Lee Sparta strip-searched in public says Lawyer


Attorney at law Techani Behanzin who is representing dancehall artiste Tommy Lee Sparta had made claims that his client was strip-searched in public after he was denied access in Dominica yesterday evening, the artiste whose real name is Leroy Russel was the headline for a show but was arrested and detained at the Marigot Police Station. The attorney also claimed that the artiste was denied legal representation and the management team for the artiste has instructed that a case be prepared to take to the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ). Church groups had opposed Tommy Lee Sparta’s concert in the island claiming that the Jamaican sang devil worshiping music. The artiste is to be deported from the island this evening around 6:30 pm on a LIAT flight. A release from the Government of Dominica stated that Tommy Lee Sparta was denied entry because of security concerns.

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